Facebook Users Report Login Issues After Unexpected Outage

Following Facebook's unexpected global outage on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024, attributed to routine maintenance, some users are now encountering login difficulties with incorrect password errors. While Meta hasn't issued a specific statement regarding this new development, it's unclear if these login issues are related to the earlier maintenance or a separate problem.

Facebook, Instagram Down: Why the Outage, Meta?

Millions faced unexpected logouts on Facebook and Instagram due to Meta's routine maintenance. Users demand clearer communication from Meta regarding the unannounced outage and future maintenance plans.

Facebook and Instagram Briefly Down for Maintenance

Facebook and Instagram users faced temporary logouts on Tuesday due to routine maintenance by Meta. The outage, affecting both platforms globally, began around 10:20 AM ET. Meta assures no security breach occurred and user data remains safe.

Facebook Users Experience Unexpected Logout During Routine Maintenance

Facebook users around the world experienced an unexpected logout on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. According to Meta, Facebook's parent company, the logout was due to routine maintenance and there was no security breach. User data remains secure and users are awaiting further updates.

Zactor Tech Raises $3M in Pre-Seed Round

Zactor Tech raises $3M in pre-seed round. Co-led by HNIs, funds will boost product development & financial literacy. Founded in 2023, Zactor aims to modernize personal finance.

Flipkart Launches UPI Services to Simplify Payments

Flipkart introduces UPI services for seamless online and offline transactions. The '@fkaxis' handle is available for Android users, reducing reliance on third-party apps.

Microsoft Teams Up with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to Enhance PC Gaming Graphics

Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, and Intel join forces to enhance PC gaming graphics. DirectSR API promises seamless integration of super resolution AI-upscaling features. Stay tuned for more at GDC 2024!

Apple May Skip Spring Event, Focus on WWDC for Major Announcements

Apple may not host a spring event this year, but rumors suggest a slew of releases, including a revamped iPad Pro and new MacBook Airs with M3 chips.

Microsoft to Push Windows 11 Upgrades to More Windows 10 Pro PCs

Microsoft will soon extend its Windows 11 upgrade push to non-managed enterprise devices running Windows 10 Pro and Pro Workstation.

How to create gradient text with Tailwind CSS

In this article, we've shown you how to create gradient text using Tailwind CSS. By following these steps, you can easily add gradient text to your website and create a unique and eye-catching design.